The Grandma I Miss

The one I miss.  The one I’ll know more of one day, the young one in these pictures.  The one … More

Watching You

Holding onto giant warm hand with cold hand small, we walk, he and I, out the door into a hot … More

His Waterways

My heart is tired, but I need some God Word.  I open to the front page.  “In the beginning God … More


OK, it’s lame, but I collected key chains when I was a kid. I really had no need for a … More

Along the Way

Tomorrow Christmas Vacation ends.  All Mr. Business goes back to school, Adored Husband goes back to work, College girl gathers … More

A Warming Chill

Morning wakes me up, but still.  Too quiet.  Breathe deep and slow, sinking back into unconsciousness before another day begins.  … More